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How to Wash black jeans

How to Wash black jeans

Hits:745  Date: 2016/8/23 15:33:04

I went out of my way in December to buy the jeans (from the markets, ridiculously, they also fit me perfectly) to do it!
So here it is, step by step for those of you who haven't ever done it and want to, or want to but aren't game, or don't want to but are curious to see how it's done.
What you need Jeans (that you want to experiment with)Rubber Bands2 litres of Bleach Water Bucket
Step One Fold or twist each leg of the jeans separately and tie with rubber bands.I did mine in sections with no real consistency, I don't want it to look perfect.
Once you get to the hip area just get creative and bunch up that area and tie with the rubber bands.
Step Two Fill up a bucket water and bleach 2:1 or 3:1 depends how intense you want it to be.
Step Three Put first half of the jean in for 45mins and second half in for 45 mins.(see how it looks then & you might need to put the bits in that need more in for 20mins each, that's what I did!)
Step Four After unravelling the jeans, wash them without bleach.